Lakehead University

Lakehead University

Lakehead University is a public research university with two main campuses located in Thunder Bay and Orillia, Ontario, Canada. It was established in 1965 and has since grown into a comprehensive institution offering a wide range of academic programs and research opportunities.

Here are some key points about Lakehead University:

  1. Thunder Bay Campus: The main campus is situated in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in areas such as arts, business, education, engineering, health sciences, natural resources management, social sciences, and more.

  2. Orillia Campus: The Orillia campus, located in Orillia, Ontario, offers a growing selection of programs, including arts, social sciences, business, education, and environmental sustainability.

  3. Research: Lakehead University is known for its research initiatives in various fields, such as forest sciences, environmental sustainability, health sciences, Indigenous studies, and social justice.

  4. Northern Focus: The university has a strong focus on serving the unique needs and challenges of the northern region of Ontario, including research and programs that address the social, economic, and environmental issues of the area.

  5. Outdoor Opportunities: Lakehead University's campuses are situated in regions known for their natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities, including access to lakes, forests, and outdoor sports.

  6. Indigenous Initiatives: The university has a commitment to Indigenous education and has established partnerships with Indigenous communities to promote Indigenous knowledge and inclusion.

  7. Athletics: Lakehead University Thunderwolves is the name of the sports teams representing the university. They compete in various sports in the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) and the U SPORTS leagues.

Lakehead University's dedication to academic excellence, research, and community engagement has made it an important institution in Northern Ontario. As with any university, it's essential to visit the official Lakehead University website for the most up-to-date information about programs, admissions, campus life, and other details.