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With a record-breaking 398,000 international students flocking to study in China, it has now become the world’s third most popular destination (behind the US and UK). This rapid rise in popularity can be partly explained by government-sponsored scholarships, as well as Chinese universities’ continued progress in the international ranking tables, not to mention the appeal of learning the world’s most-spoken language. So, if you weren’t already considering studying abroad in China, you want to reconsider.


Why to choose


1.Receive a scholarship.

The Chinese government has doubled efforts to increase the number of scholarships it offers to international recruits. Last year, a staggering 40% of international students who had recently commenced studying in China received some kind of financial award from the government.

2. Study at a university on the rise.

With 33 universities ranked among the world’s best institutions in the QS World University Rankings® 2016-2017 and just under 100 universities in the QS University Rankings: Asia 2016, China’s leading institutions have a growing presence in the international league tables. So if you fancy a world-leading education and a degree on your CV that’s likely to keep gaining prestige in the decades to come, China’s for you.

3.  Learn the world’s most-spoken language.

While language classes can help, nothing quite beats immersion if you want to become fluent! The world’s most widely spoken language according to UNESCO, Mandarin Chinese is often touted as one of the most useful languages to learn for future careers, especially if you wish to work in a field such as international business or banking.

4. Contemplate (approximately) 4,000 years of history.

Wherever you study in China, you’ll be surrounded by age-old temples, palaces and structures as they rub shoulders with feats of modernity and technology. You’ll witness a constant negotiation between the super old and the very new on a daily basis, and be granted many opportunities to explore some of the world’s most iconic sites and sights. Think giant pandas, the Forbidden City and the Rainbow Mountains…

5. Move to one of the world’s best student cities.

Beijing is 25th and Shanghai 39th in the QS Best Student Cities 2016. This is unsurprising given their selections of highly ranked universities, strong employment prospects, and comparatively low costs of living.

6. Explore the region!

Take advantage of your location to hop on a flight to Mongolia, Thailand or South Korea during semester breaks, and widen your horizon! Studying abroad in China is a great way to get as much travelling done as you can, before either settling down in a single location, or embarking on an international career.